I have successfully roller set my hair for the third time!  WOO HOO!!!

I am one day past my normal mid-week co-wash and today I was really tired but we all know that I am serious about my MANE SQUEEZE!

This evening I did a quick pre-poo with Amla oil for 15 mins and a massage.  I co-washed with my FAVORITE Suave and EVOO, rinsed, PM Skinny Treatment 2 mins, rinsed and Roux for 30 seconds and rinsed.  DC’d with just one product (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???) but it’s my favorite for deep conditioning – Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask.  I sat under my conditioning cap for 30 mins, rinsed and prepped for my roller set.  Before rolling my hair I sprayed it with my normal Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer spray and Aloe Vera juice (not as a mix but separate). Then I applied one of my leave in conditioners Creme of Nature Argan oil and finally I used PM serum before rolling each section on my “Diane” mesh rollers.

I didn’t stay under the dryer long enough for solid curls all over but it was enough to achieve my umbrella bun for tomorrow.  I usually wear a damp bun but tomorrow I will sport a straighter bun.  My nape and my edges are thick as Buckweat from The Little Rascals but in my house we are calling it “SEXY!”  LOL

Do you roller set?  Can you see my new growth?

Roller set #3


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