styling @ 9 weeks post

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With 4b hair it’s a challenge to style my hair at 9 weeks post. Particularly because this is the second time EVER I’ve gone past 8 weeks. Pre-HHJ I was the 4-6 weeks girl. These days I’m trying to go 10 – 12 weeks. When you don’t even know your own hair curl pattern it’s hard to manage and for sure it’s hard to style.  For many years I have been managing over processed, thin, bone straight hair. The minute new growth showed up I would race to my Stylist for more creamy crack!  Those days are far gone!   Now it’s time to get to know the REAL ChoColette’s hair!

This style I am calling the pompadour.  It was easy to achieve since I roller set my hair yesterday.  With the new growth and the volumizing effect that roller setting my hair can give, it was easy to achieve this look and with no hairspray needed!  YES!!

What are your favorite SEXY hair styles?  Remember Nappy is the new SEXY!  🙂

Do you have any suggestions for me?  Comments?  Questions?

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4 thoughts on “styling @ 9 weeks post

  1. I really like this style – reminds me of the type of styles I would do during a stretch when I am not in a long term protective style!

    BTW, are those your natural lashes? I thought my natural lashes were long but yours look amazingly dense. Love it!!!

  2. Stretching is a challenge but it sounds like you have the right mindset: straight hair isn’t the only way to achieve a great look. This is a really cute style, btw! In terms of advice for you on your stretch, keep your hair moisturized and, as you get later in your stretches, try to DC more often and leave the styling tools alone to reduce breakage. Your stretches will get easier as you go along, I promise 🙂

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