#HHJ Vision Board

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I love Vision Boards!  I first heard about them in school and I was reminded of it in church and again in a book that I read. Vision boards are SO POWERFUL!  I truly believe what you think about the most you are bringing to you. GOD IS ABLE and when you believe this FIRST and THEN you add positive thoughts to that “thing” it will come to you. You have to be free of doubt!  You have to be a true BELIEVER and it will come!

With my new vision board I am positively envisioning my new long, strong and healthy hair. It’s growing as I type and I’m retaining the length daily!  Can you see it??? Close your eyes and start thinking of the thing you want. Envision it!  Be positive about it!  CLAIM IT!!  And the final step is to be thankful for what you already have.

My board is not complete but I have several words and pictures of hair that I like.   I am “ENVISIONING” it by adding my face to those pictures.  If you look closely you can see my face has been added to most of the pictures.

I have placed my board in front of my desk in my office as a daily reminder.  I am constantly looking at it AND SMILING!  🙂


-XO ChoColette


2 thoughts on “#HHJ Vision Board

    • Shereen – I am glad you like the post! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE COMMENT!! Vision boards are a way of life for me! With positive reinforcement you can never go wrong! Best wishes and keep in touch! XO

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