July Haul

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This month has been no different from the first few months of my hair journey…I’ve been trying new products and adding items to my arsenal of tools.   However, I have vowed to slow down.  The plan is to just replace those that I KNOW work and every now and then try something new.

So far I have purchased Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Heat Protection Serum (ULTA – $18), my FAVORITE Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum in a travel size (ULTA– $5.) and a new tool that I am CRAZY EXCITED about…my magnet bobby pin bracelet (rickysnyc.com – $13).  I found the bracelet when looking through one of my favorite fashion magazines, InStyle.  They showed the magnet bracelet  in an article along with the link to the website. This is perfect for me because  I use bobby pins almost daily and this has saved me time but mostly it has kept me from becoming frustrated. The bun is my go to style and when reaching for a bobby pin they are hard to grab in cup where I use to store them, especially with oil on my hands. This is no longer and issue.  Now I pack about 10 on my bracelet and BAM I’m good to go.

As for my next purchase I would like to try a few items from the Kerastase line. I have heard really good things about these products. Have you used them? What about the items from this haul…have you used them? Like them?

What are your thoughts?

XO – Colette



2 thoughts on “July Haul

  1. Colette, where did you get those bobby pins? I bought some like that a few years ago in Atlanta while visiting my sister, and have not found them since then. I REALLY love them and would love to buy some new pins. Thanks!

    • Adrianne – I like them too! They cup your head nicely. I think I purchased them at Sally’s, Ulta, Walgreens or Beauty Brands. Let me know if you can’t find them I will pick you up a pack. 😉 XO

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