Count DOWN to Texlax!!

My texlax day is right around the corner.  I am sooo ready!  I’m prepping like I am going to deliver a baby.  If any of you have children, then you know what I mean.  You have your bag packed and you are running the event over and over in your head!  Well, it’s the same thing for me.  I have TOLD EVERYBODY (and their Momma)!  JULY 27th is THE DAY!  I plan to have my friend/Stylist texlax my hair.  I will be bringing my own DC, comb, oils, neutralizing shampoo, DC cap, Roux, Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum and ACV and anything else that I can think of. 

LADIES – Am I missing anything? 

I will do my own pre-poo before I get there.  OK, WAIT…real talk, I will more than likely pre-poo in the car on the ride over there.  I will be sooooo ready to jump into the texlax process I won’t want to waste another 30 mins to pre-poo.  I am counting the fact that I have been adding oil since my last co-wash on Sunday.  Each day I have been adding a layer of cocount oil or alma oil or some type of moisturizer AND oil to my hair both morning and night.  By the time Friday get’s here the EVOO and the Roux will be that last layer that I need to help preserve my ends. 

When I arrive I will change into my length check shirt, snap a few photo’s and have “Fly” dive in!  That’s her name “Fly” …aka “Fly Jones” aka Andron.  After the texlax process I plan to DC with my products and sit under my DC cap for 30 mins to an hour.  THEN she is SUPPOSE to give me a roller wrap.  I really want to get it flat ironed but I know it’s not the way I should be treating my Mane Squeeze!  I don’t have any real reason or special occasion so I will do the RIGHT THING!  I think the desire to have it flat ironed is to see more length.  When it’s really where I want it I won’t need to do that.  It will be obvious. 

So as of today I have 3 more days to go! 

Remember…Friday, July 27th @ 4:30pm CST   (keep an eye on my Facebook page for up to the minute updates)


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