How I really feels about my MANE SQUEEZE!

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The weekend is over and I enjoyed my 2nd texlax experience. It was like old home week at the salon and it was good to see “Fly”, Greg, Scoop and the crew!  We all had a BLAST!  My results were nice and thick but just not what I was expecting. Why was I thinking that my hair would be longer? My Sis in the journey said that maybe it’s because I didn’t get my hair relaxed bone straight. When I look at pictures of my hair (see picture) when it’s wet it looks longer, even with the new growth.  Is that it?  Is that the reason?  Because I didn’t relax bone straight?  Is this considered texlax shrinkage?  Do you think it would have looked longer if I would have at least had her flat iron it?  Again, I’m not mad or even disappointed I just thought for sure it would have been longer.

She used Nouritess relaxer along with that family of shampoo, conditioner & DC.  She didn’t want to use allot of what I brought because she thought most of it had too much protein which would not be good for me after a chemical service and maybe this is why my last texlax was not good.  I brought a bag full of products but she openly professed her dislike of the Aphogee 2 min reconstructor – why I don’t know. Of all the items I brought we only used my conditioning cap and the PM Skinny Serum. 

I DC’d for 45mins and got a roller set (see pictures on Facebook).   After she was done I had her wrap it because it was late and I was going home.

So here I am a few days after my relaxer back in a bun. Actually I have not worn it down except to take the picture for le blog.  The next morning I took the pictures and put it up in a loose bun. Same thing on Sunday…another loose bun and when I went outside I wore a silk 1/2 scarf and my straw hat. Am I getting to be “over the top?” Am I hiding and/or over protective of my MANE SQUEEZE?

I also want to share with you that I’m scared to have my ends out. I see others with their ends hanging on their shoulders and it makes me want to cringe. I am looking forward to doing it when there is a reason (event or some special occasion) but until then I will serve and PROTECT! LOL

Am I the only one? What do you think about my results of not relaxing bone straight? Shrinkage? Do you think there is much of a difference in the picture (keep in mind I had packed new growth with the wet hair)?  Let me know your thoughts? 

Make it a SUPER day!  Thanks for reading!!

-XO @ChoColette

(left side: wet – 2 weeks before the texlax @ 10 weeks post vs. right side: dry – the day after texlax)



2 thoughts on “How I really feels about my MANE SQUEEZE!

  1. I think with a textlax there is some sort of shrinkage… i am partiallly texlaxed, and when my hair is wet, it appears longer, to my dried hair (air dried)… remember curly, kinky, kinky curly etc hair never shows its true length… the more texture the more shrinkag…

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