my old hair

Here are a few pictures of me at the end of 2009.  (TOP LEFT: A back view after getting curls, TOP RIGHT: Kelly and I at Nikki’s wedding, BOTTOM LEFT: In the country visiting Uncle Ellis & BOTTOM RIGHT: In the car after a trim.)

These photo’s are when my hair started healthy and I loved the color.  Prior to this I wore a wig or a weave from April of 2007 to late 2008. When I came out of the protective style (not knowing that’s what it was until this year) I was happy with my hair but I had no idea what it needed so as time when on it became very damaged.  I use to get my hair washed and flat ironed once a week and twice if it was a special event.  On the days I wasn’t at the stylist I would flat-iron it daily at home.  Just thinking about it makes me sick too my stomach. Perms were every four weeks like clock work!  AND in some of these pictures you can see I was wearing my dream color (brown). For me color, over processing and flat ironing too often are the DEVIL!! Yes I said it! LOL

This time things are going to be so much better!  SO MUCH BETTER!  Mark my words!  I am enjoying the new texture, strength and health of my hair. I have to admit I still need to learn to be more patient.

I was having a flashback moment and thought I would share with you a little of my hair history. I have a long way to go and allot more to learn but I am glad I am not where I use to be and I am happy I am on my healthy hair journey. Not another wasted year of putting off my own beautiful hair.

I am so very thankful for the hair boards, YouTube and my sister bloggers!  They have shared so much and I have learned allot.  I have also met some great mentors/friends!  Shout out to @Ms_merriment on Twitter who has been a Sis for real!


6 thoughts on “my old hair

  1. I feel ya on the everyday flatironing. Prior to my journey my cousin sd she flat ironed weekly and I almost choked! Now my last flat iron was in may! Ur hair looks amazeballs though.

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