Hair Admiration!!

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I broke my iPhone and I had  to go to the Apple store to have it replaced.  As many of you lades on a #HHJ know, we are always in “hair mode” and this day was no different.  I  had my mane squeeze under rap (grape seed oil on my ends, satin cap and my new leopard scarf to cover).  While at the Apple store just as my mom and I were on our way out I saw THE CUTEST hair style!  A little girl was there with her family and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her hair.  It was fashionable, it was a protected style and it was JAZZY!  I didn’t get her name but her mother OK’d me to take the picture knowing that I would be blogging about it.

Go Miss. Diva!!  You are rocking that style! I absolutely LOVE it!!

What do you think?  What do you call this style?


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