Air Drying is my FRIEND!


After I apply my leave in conditioner I usually wait until my hair is 70% dry and I add coconut oil then I let it dry completely. Some times I will tie it down with a scarf but more often then not I let it just hang. Once it’s completely dry I twist four or five plats. I am learning to like the process, the feel and the healthy practice of air drying.

Thank you for reading.

XO – Colette


2 thoughts on “Air Drying is my FRIEND!

  1. Awesome write-up. I am an all natural sister too. I’ve been AIR DRYing my hair for years now. It’s truly the best and the healthiest way to go. Have you ever tried [pure] MSM (by TriMedica)? I take it along w/my daily multi-vitamin, it’s GREAT for your nails, HAIR and skin elasticity. It’s an awesome addition to good health, great hair and fantastic skin. Ow! It re-enforces the old saying, “black don’t crack.” lol!

    Happy Hump Day – Keep blogging that HEALTHY STUFF Sis. I’m definitely reading.

    • MIZQUI – Hey lady! Thanks so much for the shout out (WordPress/Twitter)!!! I will check out MSM by TriMedica. I’m not natural but I am texlaxed. I love the texture and I can’t wait until I grow my hair to be ALL texlaxed. XX

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