Moisturize n Seal after Rollerset

When I want to keep curls I moisturize, seal, and roll up my hair again.  At this stage (10 weeks post) this is the best thing for me. My new growth is so “sexy” that I can’t comb through my hair with a comb. I have to use my Blessed Hair Stick (example of what it’s like) and my hands. Even a bun will be hard to achieve.

When I moisturize I use Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream (Beauty Brands $31.95). I love this stuff but I only use it when I roller set. I seal with a light spray of Macadamia Healing Oil Spray (Ulta $14.50). And on my scalp I add Hair Trigger Growth Elixir $16.99. I apply these products to each section of hair.



Do you re-rollerset?

Thank you for reading! 

XO – Colette


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2 thoughts on “Moisturize n Seal after Rollerset

  1. Hey!!! I see you’re working it out. Thanks for the tips on the beauty products. I will certainly give them a go! You rock ChoColette & you make the new growth look sexy easy to maintain. lol! Get it girl!

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