my YouTube inspirations – thank you Ladies!

When starting my HHJ all I had was YouTube. I don’t know anyone in my circle who was on a HHJ and moisturizing and sealing daily. LOL! So YouTube became my best friend. If you are on a HHJ then you know what I’m talking about!

While searching for more information, product reviews, etc I have come across several channels with African American women who had beautiful long healthy hair but I have inspired to subscribe, follow and would like to thank the following:

VIRTUOUSATHENA – Beautiful inside and out, talented and entertaining. Never a dull moment on her channel and lot’s of good information

JENICHRIS23 – My goal inspiration!!! She is full of knowledge, a talented writer and has the blog of the year! (<—in my opinion)

KIMMAYTUBE – This lady knows her stuff about African American hair!! She is one I will ALWAYS use as a reference! My natural hair idol!

MSKIBIBI – I love her hair! She is all about educating and sharing. She is another with a very detailed blog and a great reference.

TRESSBUZZ – I have her blog book marked. Another knowledgeable individual who strives to keep hair in the most healthy state as possible.

ULOVEMEGZ – Pretty hair! Beautiful girl! Loads of fun! And a great since of style!!

HAIRCRUSH – Beautiful natural hair! She is my other hair idol!

Thank you ALL for playing a part in educating me on my HHJ!